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SOBER FAUSTO started his coaching journey when his first client was himself. Through his battles with childhood trauma, and abandonment it left him down a path of always feeling alone in the world. Drugs and Alcohol became an escape from reality that brought a false sense of connection to the world which transferred into seeking love in all the wrong places.

Through his years of trying to fit in he got to a point where suicide was the answer. All the pain from his past made him feel like no one cared and that he was a broken individual. Due to his full surrender of his life to believe that he had a bigger purpose led him down a path of self discovery which allowed him to reinvent himself by giving his life meaning through learning that his past all happened for a reason to give him purpose to help others who suffer from the same problems.

FAUSTO coaches individuals to experience a safe place where they can be honest with their pain and feel heard. To feel accepted and to point out the beauty in their struggles. He helps you find the purpose in your life in order to give your life meaning to reinvent yourself to a better and more fulfilled life.

FAUSTO trains companies to build a leadership environment that consist of teamwork and high quality staff care. 

FAUSTO has worked with high profile clients that has helped their careers, family, self love, and future. His motto is "If you hang out with me long enough you will be brainwashed into believing in yourself".

If your looking to

-Create a leadership/teamwork environment

-Turn your pain into your purpose

-Become an effective group facilitator

Message him for by the hour coaching or group packages upon request.

For booking contact:

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