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Benefits Of Having A Mentor In Your Life

Mentorship is important. Why? Because it is needed to able to see the potential of our purpose. Our true value to the world is already in us. We just need someone to point out the gifts within us. The reason we don't see our own gifts is because we can't see the bigger picture when were in it. We need someone to point it out. We grow up developing these false beliefs that were not worthy, we don't deserve love, I'm a mistake, and this negative voice doesn't allow us to live in our purpose.

Life without purpose means life without meaning. A life without meaning equals a life feeling lost an alone. Do you wanna feel that way the rest of your life? Of course not, we deserve to live life on earth with serenity and peace of mind. We want to walk through life with joy being able to pass this truth to others. imagine the ripple effect when we become our True Self. Every person we come in to contact is changing. That is the best gift we can give anybody.

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