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How to Suffer with Joy

Suffering joyfully. Yeah I said it. You're probably thinking how do I suffer with joy when suffering hurts? Let me explain. First off suffering has more then one way to perceive it. Suffering is a form of growing in the direction we wish for. When you go to the gym your muscles suffer but they come back bigger and stronger. After seeing the results of your muscles growing you start to enjoying the suffering and it becomes habitual. You're suffering with Joy.

In my life suffering began with being Sober. I didn't want to be Sober I dreamed of a life of drinking and using. Partying in clubs and Deejaying. I did create that life too. I was a bartender and a DJ. Being sober for me was a form of suffering but after time when I started to gain internal peace, love, connection I began to enjoy the suffering to the point it was habitual and the external blessings of a healthy love life, career, new home, traveling, and starting my Sober Faust movement.

Ask yourself what are you suffering from that may change your life for the good. Anything in life we can choose to perceive as good suffering. Trust me I have seen every situation and lived some that people would believe there is no way to view it in a positive way. Heartbreak means we need our heart to be rebuilt to be ready for the relationship we deserved. Abuse means we understand pain from an emotional level in order to help others through it. Addiction is to relate to other addicts looking for sobriety. Lose a job means there is a better job out there and the job wasn't for you anymore. Money isn't everything and loss of money can be the results of a lesson to learn what really is important in life. The list can go on.

Suffer with joy is to view the things that are hard to let go in a different way. To know by letting it go the universe it watching and helping you along the way and is preparing something amazing for you.

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